Luc Peire, Environment III

I was in the Auckland Art Galery and saw this artwork. A box of 3 x 3 x 2,5 meter you could – first take your shoes off – enter. I looked up and was amazed. I took the picture below. I have of course seen this effect of opposing mirrors before. But this was up. As if I was floating, alone, endless space, amazement.

When I got out I looked at the description. The artwork was named Environment III (1973) and there was a statement by the artist Luc Peire (1916-1994).

man lives
     standing upright
and for me
     the vertical
     pointing up
     or pointing down
is life
     and has been
     for years
the voice
the light
the shadow
     of my work
as in it I have sought
     for space
     for space quite free
of limits or constraint
that I attain
     the vertical infinite
     the limitless
let whom accepts
     my message
see what I have wrought
enter into it
environed by it
     environed within it
may he be alone
     inside it
withdrawn from all others
     even from his world
from all
     all by my world
     and emptied of all
     save himself
without support
in endless
for the endless
denotes endless space
let him
be himself
in the world of my creation
an elevation to some
     a chasm in other eyes
but alone
     in my environment
where nothing moves
which is neither game
     nor transient spectacle
but silence
but contemplation
     of either confrontation
     by it
     or communion
with the ever-rising
     the luminous hollow

“the vertical … is life” and ” communion with the ever-rising”. Wow, this really reflects my experience. And it makes you think: how can something so concrete as the vertical ring religious bells?